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Mastering Tips:

Below are some tips in how to master audio for vinyl:


1. Most of the issues with vinyl is high end stuff, cymbals probably being the biggest thing. Taming them is really important for getting good audio quality on vinyl. 


2. Applying a low pass filter on the entire mix (cutting off around 16k) will also help. Typically, what mixing engineers do, is apply that filter BEFORE they even start mixing. Reason being, they then make decisions based on the way the audio travels through the filter, and the entire vision of the mix is influenced by it.  Just adding a filter on top will help, but some things may get thrown off a little bit because of it. But just play around with it, and see what sounds best.


3. De-essing vocals is also really important. The high end "S" and "T" sounds tend to distort vinyl. 


4. Adding some dynamic compression to the entire mix can help to stabilize, and even out all frequencies. 


5. Finally, making the bass frequencies mono (around 100hz and below). If you do that, the bass frequencies will stay in phase, and they won't jump out of the groove (We will do this regardless, but we figure it is good to know, so you can make mixing decisions based on the fact that the bass frequencies are mono).

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