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How long does it take to get the records?

With the standard turnaround time option, the orders typically go out within 6-10 weeks after payment is sent. However, with the current state of supply chains, sometimes things can happen, and the turnaround time can take a little longer than expected. 95% of the orders go out in the 6-10 week time frame, but if you absolutely need your records at a certain time, then we suggest using one of our rush services (listed below).

ESTIMATED departure from facility between 6-10 weeks after payment is received (FREE) 

GUARANTEED departure from facility within 5 weeks after payment+files are received (20% Additional Charge) 

GUARANTEED departure from facility within 4 weeks after payment+files are received (40% Additional Charge) 

GUARANTEED departure from facility within 3 weeks after payment+files are received (60% Additional Charge) 

GUARANTEED departure from facility within 2 weeks after payment+files are received (80% Additional Charge)

GUARANTEED departure from facility within 1 week after payment+files are received (100% Additional Charge)

How long does it take to get the records after they are shipped?

All orders in the USA are shipped via media mail, which takes anywhere between 2-9 days. We can ship via priority mail upon request (1-3 days) for an additional charge, depending on the order size/destination. If you would like us to send the order via Priority mail, please let us know either by emailing us after you submit the order form, or simply just add a comment into the comment box on the form.

International orders are sent via Priority Mail International. Typically, it takes 1-2 weeks to arrive after the package is shipped. However, this time can fluctuate depending on customs. 

How do the records sound?

The records sound just like all other records! They are cut with HIGH QUALITY stereo feedback cutter head, just like all the other records you have listened to before.

Do I need my music to be ready before ordering?

No! All we need is the payment to get the order processing. We can take orders before your audio/artwork is ready! Since the default turnaround time is 6-10 weeks, you can pay for an order, and then still have a couple weeks to work on your audio and/or artwork. HOWEVER, if you are using one of our rush services, you do need your audio/artwork ready for the processing of the order to begin.

Does the audio need to be mastered for vinyl?

It is not an absolutely necessity to have your music files mastered specifically for vinyl. We understand that many projects are made from old releases, or that getting the audio mastered may not be in your budget. We always do the best we possibly can to make the audio sound the best it can on the medium. However, if the audio is not mastered for vinyl, you may hear some differences between the digital file, and the vinyl cut. If you would like your records to sound the best they possibly can, then we suggest having it mastered for vinyl.  If you would like some tips on how to master your audio for vinyl, click here.

Or, if you would prefer to have your audio mastered specifically for vinyl by a professional, we highly reccomend Steven Warstler. We have worked with him countless times, and we trust his work. You can contact him at

Can I split my order into multiple vinyl colors?

YES! You can split your order however you would like. For example, if you want to buy a total of 20 records, but want 10 of them to be black, and the other 10 to be clear, we can do that for you!

Can you cut records at 45rpm? YES! We can cut at 33 RPM, and 45 RPM! You do not get as much time per side at 45 RPM, but it does sound better. We listed the times for for both 33rpm, and 45rpm below:

12 inch @33 RPM - 21:00 per side

10 inch @33 RPM - 12:00 per side

7 inch @33 RPM - 7:00 per side

12 inch @ 45 RPM - 14:00 per side

10 inch @45 RPM - 9:00 per side

7 inch @45 RPM - 4:30 per side

 -- these times are approximate, and can be stretched slightly, depending on certain factors with the source audio. If you have a project that is slightly longer than the times listed below, feel free to email us, and we will advise on whether your project can be made, or not.

I woud like to make a double album (2 records inside of 1 jacket). Is that possible?

Yes! We have made countless double album units. 2 records do fit inside of a single jacket just fine. f you are wishing to order a double album, just email us about it first at

Will there be a test press for my order?

a free test press is included with larger orders at the request of the customer. If requested, it will add an additional 3-6 weeks to the overall turnaround time. Below are the quanity orders that include a free test press. 

DOUBLE SIDED 12 INCH - 100+ records

SINGLE SIDED 12 INCH - 150+ records

DOUBLE SIDED 10 INCH - 150+ records

SINGLE SIDED 10 INCH - 200+ records

DOUBLE SIDED 7 INCH - 200+ records

SINGLE SIDED 7 INCH - 300+ records

If you would like to know what your music will sound like before ordering, but do not meet the quantity requirments above, we suggest simply just placing an order for a single record first, before ordering the full order. 

Can I split a quantity order into multiple releases?

No. The audio/artwork must be the same on every record, in order to get the quantity discount pricing.

If I pay for my order, and then decide that I do not want the order anymore, can I get a full refund?

No. There will be a cancellation fee of 40% of the total price. We will refund the remaining 60% of the order.

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