"Not your typical short run vinyl record" - Why Little Elephant cuts are better:

We offer CUT records, not EMBOSSED records.

​Most custom record cutting companies only offer records that are embossed. In other words, the grooves are pushed into the record, rather than cut out. The fidelity on an embossed record is much less than the quality on a cut record. The music on an embossed record is considerably lower in volume, noisier, and has a hollow sound. If you want the music on the record to sound good, the grooves must be cut out.


Little Elephant records are cut in stereo.

​A lot of short run records out there are cut in mono. This is because the equipment they are using is outdated, and easier to acquire. Obviously, this is a major factor of the music listening experience. This day and age, why even bother listening to a record that isn't stereo?


We use a feedback cutterhead.

​We cut our records with a "feedback" cutterhead, rather than a "dynamic" cutterhead. Feedback heads are much more sought after in the vinyl cutting industry, and are the only option if you want true quality sounding grooves. Feedback cutterheads control the resonant frequencies of the head and allow for louder cuts, less distortion, and a much flatter frequency response. You must have a feedback cutterhead in order to have professional results. Ultimately, records cut with feedback heads sound like pressed records.